We Drive Innovations in Social and Environmental Impact:
Our approach combines systems thinking with global partnerships to foster purpose-driven innovation and creativity. This strategy fuels transformative movements in the climate sector, paving the way for sustainable and impactful change.

Our company stands at the forefront of development, born in Colombia from a profound commitment to empower underserved rural communities. We initiated our journey by integrating these communities into the global market through strategic export initiatives. Today, we are pioneers in leveraging the carbon and biodiversity economy. Our focus is on demystifying and scaling nature-based solutions across Latin America, fostering sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

Theory of Change

To catalyze systematic and structural change, substantial efforts are needed. Our approach centers on designing compelling incentives to drive investor finance towards innovative, low-emission, and climate-resilient sustainability solutions. Currently, standard compensation mechanisms are underutilized, and conservation finance remains a minor segment within the sustainable investment market.

By implementing tailored financial and policy mechanisms that appropriately value natural capital, we can transform bio-businesses into financially viable entities. These businesses, integral to climate mitigation, will not only adapt to climatic threats but also empower local communities within the value chains and ecosystems. Our model for low-emission, resilient business development hinges on three pillars: building community capacity, pooling private support through thematic bonds and incentivizing policies, and generating and disseminating knowledge on climate-resilient and low-emission practices. This holistic approach paves the way for a new paradigm in sustainable business development.

We're leading development for high-quality NbS


of the emissions reductions needed by 2030 can come from NbS.


families impacted through global value chain integration

our mission
Restore nature on a large-scale with integrity, at the speed that the climate crisis demands


"Selvitas", a fusion of the Latin words for forest and life, encapsulates our commitment to symbiosis, resilience, and growth. We foster symbiotic relationships, creating a win-win scenario for the environment, rural communities, and our company. Our resilience mirrors that of the forests we help cultivate, enabling us to withstand challenges from macroeconomic downturns to environmental crises. Embodying the growth inherent in forests, we promote not just carbon sequestration, but also community development and economic empowerment. Our success is defined by our tangible, positive impact on climate resilience and environmental stewardship.

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